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Christmas sale -20% Balance Bike 3in1

192.00 EUR

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Balance bike 3 in 1

All friendships begin somewhere, and this basic 3-in-1 set is the foundation for a lasting friendship with leg&go. It is required for transforming the bike into any other modification of leg&go.


Balance Bike - 192.00 EUR

1.5 to 5 years old

This bike helps to develop a good sense of balance, coordinated movements and straight posture, providing safety and stability; a caring buddy that’s always there to lean on.

Intelligently designed, the unique wooden frame provides excellent natural suspension, absorbs vibration, and safeguards your child’s spine on any terrain, while the perfect frame thickness guarantees durability.

The bike is very lightweight – only 3.3 kg.


Baby Bike - 192.00 EUR

10 months to 2 years old

Baby Bike is made for the little ones that have just learned how to stand, making it the perfect companion to encourage them to take their first steps and develop their sense of balance.

Featuring an upside-down frame, this is the lowest variant of them all – suitable for the youngest riders, whose leg inside height measures as little as 20 cm.

Seeing your child’s face light up with the first successful attempt in balancing the bike is beyond words!


Bouncy Bike - 192.00 EUR

2 to 3 years old

If your child loves swings, why settle on a simple bike? The Bouncy Bike with its clever frame construction is the perfect choice for bouncy, yet safe rides.

Most suitable for chill riding on flat terrain.

The front wheel is bigger, giving more control on bumpy terrain, while the steering limiter prevents sharp turning angles. All leg&go modifications are equipped with inflatable tyres, lightweight metal rims and steel spokes – just like a real bicycle!

Upgrade your Balance Bike

Discover the add-on modifications your 3in1 Balance Bike can be

Rocking Elephant

(Add-on item)
6 to 18 months old
70.00 EUR

Elephants are known to be wise, gentle and kind, which makes this leg&go modification the perfect friend to teach your child a sense of balance as soon as he or she has learned to sit up.

The rocking action is just as safe and smooth as the steps of a real elephant. The mindful design ensures that your baby will never get its feet caught underneath it or fall over.

When the beloved Elephant transforms into the Balance Bike, the child will already be familiar with it.    

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Christmas sale -20% Balance Bike 3in1

192.00 EUR

Order your bike till Dec 17 to get free shipping to EU countries!

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