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Customer support
If you have a question about shipping of your order, warranty, repairs or any other questions in relation to maintenance and use of your bike please do not hesitate to contact us. We love to care about our customers as much as we love to produce bikes.


  +371 27 558 833



Dear retailer or agent, please contact our Sales Manager Andris by or +371 26300999.


For any questions on publicity and collaborations contact leg&go Marketing Project Manager Elina
by or +371 26135466.


For other general inquires
feel free to contact us at our office:

Phone: +371 27 558 833
12 Kalku St., Cesis,
LV-4101, Latvia


Andris Vilcans
+371 6300999



Elina Kreslina
+371 26135466



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Are you buying the add-on for Balance Bike 3in1 at home or for a new bike?

We need this information to send an add-on which suits the bike.