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Pedal Bike Add-on


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  • Attaching pedals to your Balance Bike 3in1 is the easiest way to learn riding a bicycle! Your child already knows how to balance a bike of this size and weight, so all they need is to learn the trick of pedalling – sometimes a couple of minutes is enough.
  • One of the lightest pedalling bicycle on market – 4.9 kg / 10 lb!
  • A durable belt instead of a steel chain for easy maintenance and no injury risk when driving.
  • Coaster brake.
Pedal Bike Add-on

Rocking Elephant Add-on


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  • Wise geometry ensures that your baby will never fall over, even when rocking at full gallop.
  • Mindful design without a backrest makes it easy for a child to climb up and down on their own.
  • Starting to train balance as soon as the baby can sit up makes it way easier to learn riding a balance bike afterwards.
Rocking Elephant Add-on

Tricycle Add-on


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  • Fixed gear drive makes pedalling light and easy. And your little one can also learn to pedal backwards.
  • The rear cargo box is perfect for taking the favourite teddy bear along for the ride.
  • A durable belt instead of a steel chain for easy maintenance and no injury risk.
Tricycle Add-on

Downhill Bike Add-on


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  • This add-on works as a footrest and is designed to help the child enjoy racing down hills. Stable enough for riding in standing position, too!
  • To ensure the safety of your child it also works as a brake. When the feet are placed on the pad, the attachment functions as a footrest; to use the brake, just push down on the tip of the footboard.
Downhill Bike Add-on
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