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The right size

Which version of the Balance Bike 3in1 is the best for my child?

Balance Bike 3in1 can be assembled in 3 different ways:

Balance Bike version
1.5 – 5 years

This is the classic version of leg&go. It is particularly adaptable in size which means that this friendship will last until the age of 5!

Bouncy version
2 – 3 years

This version is up to the little rider’s taste. Some like it bouncy, some don’t.

The frame construction of this version provides increased natural suspension, turning the cruising into bouncy fun.

Most suitable for chill rides on flat terrain. If the road is too bumpy or your child is older than 3 (which also means heavier), the little one will have to focus more on controlling the bike.

Baby version
10 months – 2 years

Featuring an upside-down frame, this is the lowest variant of them all – it is suitable for the youngest riders, whose leg inside height measures as little as 25 cm.

The most important criteria when choosing the best Balance Bike 3in1 version for your child is the seat height – make sure it’s appropriate for your child.

How can I adjust the size and height of my leg&go bike?

When adjusting the height of your bike, keep the three images below as a guideline for ensuring the best possible ride for your child:

Having your child’s feet touching the ground fully is the correct height adjustment for the Balance Bike. The little explorer will be able to ride with confidence, getting the best first riding experience.
If your child can touch the ground with tippy-toes only, the height adjustment is wrong for the first bike experience. The little one will not feel safe and confident.
If your child’s legs are too bent in knees, the little one will not feel comfortable. Such height adjustment is not ergonomic.

The height and size of your bike can be adjusted by changing:

  • the angle of the front fork,
  • the position of the seat mount and the seat.

How to change the front fork angle?

Remove the big lobe knob and detach the front fork from the seat mount and frame.
Find the most suitable front fork position for your little rider by selecting one of the four bores of the main frame. Fasten all parts back together with the big lobe knob.

What does the angle of the front fork change?

  • The height of the seat. A steeper front fork angle brings the seat position higher, whereas a wider angle brings the seat position lower.
  • The distance between the wheelsA steeper angle of the fork shortens the distance between the wheels, which makes the bike more agile but harder to control at a higher speed (suitable for more experienced riders).
The ideal front fork angle for ensuring comfortable, safe and ergonomic riding is at 25°angle to the ground.
An angle that is too steep makes the bike harder to control.
An angle that is too wide makes the bike harder to control.

How to change the height and position of the seat mount and the seat?

Disassemble your Balance Bike by removing the big lobe knob.
Find the most suitable seat mount position for your little rider by selecting one of the six bores of the seat mount. Fasten all parts back together with the big lobe knob.
To adjust the seat position, loosen the lobe knob of the seat and slide the seat up or down the groove of the seat mount. When the seat is in the desired position, tighten the lobe knob to fasten the seat in place. Important! The seat must be fastened firmly in order to prevent it from moving while riding.
At the seat mount’s highest position, the seat must be flipped front-to-back to ensure a horizontal position of the seat.

What does it change?

  • Properly adjusted height and angle of the seat mount ensures that the little rider is in a comfortable position.
  • Properly adjusted distance between the handlebar and the seat ensures that the little rider has the most ergonomic seat position with any frame adjustment.
  • IMPORTANT! Whenever adjusting the height or position of your seat mount, always make sure that the seat is positioned perfectly horizontally.
The seat position must always be horizontal!
The child will slide backwards. This can be corrected by repositioning the seat and/or flipping it front-to-back (See image above, steps 3 & 4).
The child will slide forward. This can be corrected by repositioning the seat and/or flipping it front-to-back (See image above, steps 3 & 4).
Please note! The lobe knobs of the rear wheel DO NOT adjust the height of the bike. These knobs are moved for certain modifications only (i.e. from Balance Bike to Baby Bike, Pedal Bike, etc.).

Will leg&go bike suit my child? (See age/height chart)

Shipping & Payment

What is the delivery time & cost?

The delivery cost depends on two factors – the country of your delivery and your purchase amount.

You will receive an e-mail from info@legandgo.com with the tracking number of your order shortly after placing your order.

Is the customs clearance fee included in shipping costs?

Please note that the customs clearance fee (if applicable in your country when receiving goods from Latvia, EU) is not included in the shipping costs, is not paid by leg&go, and must be carried out by the recipient.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay safely with PayPal, Mastercard, VISA, American Express and bank transfer.

What countries are leg&go bikes delivered to?

We deliver worldwide.

Your bike will be dispatched on the same day or the next business day after placing your order. You will receive an e-mail from info@legandgo.com informing you about the exact delivery date along with your order’s tracking number shortly after placing it.

The shipping will be organized using a reliable courier company (we work with DHL, FedEx, UPS, DPD for all international and domestic deliveries). The courier will contact you by phone or e-mail (using the contact information you provided during checkout) regarding the most suitable time for delivering the bike right to your door.

Warranty, Service & Returns

Is it possible to buy spare parts for my bike?

We are happy to hear that our bikes and toys get a lot of use in your child’s everyday activities. While our products are made of high-quality materials and undergo effective quality control procedures, it cannot be fully guaranteed that there won’t occasionally be defective parts or that some parts may suffer from natural wear and tear.

We offer all spare parts available for purchase to ensure our bikes and toys are always operational and safe to use. Please contact our support team by emailing support@legandgo.com for more information and we will be happy to assist. You may also contact the store where you purchased leg&go bikes or toys.

Please note, all delivery costs and customs fees must be covered by the customer.

Can I return the bike or toys?

If you change your mind and are not 100% satisfied after receiving your ordered item(s), you must notify us within 14 days of receiving the item(s) by sending us an email to support@legandgo.com. Please include your full name, order number, and list the items you would like to return. If the 14 days deadline has passed, the return cannot be completed and will not be refunded. The items must be sent back within 14 days after we have received your return request.

We will refund the full amount of the originally paid sum (100% of the item value), excluding customs fees (if applicable), if the items are unused and unassembled. You may be charged for the depreciation in value of the goods if inspection finds the goods have been used. An open box does not disqualify a product from a full refund—it’s okay to open the box to verify the color, model, size, etc.

We will refund up to 80% of the originally paid sum, excluding customs fees (if applicable), if the items have already been assembled and used, and if the original tags of the accessories have been removed.

The refund will be returned to the credit card, bank account, or PayPal account used to pay for the order within 14 days of receiving the items at our warehouse.

The shipping expenses and customs fees for returning an order are not covered by leg&go and must be paid and arranged by the customer. Please note that the items must be shipped directly to our warehouse and not at a drop-off/collection point.

The return address is:

leg&go bike
Shaman Inventions SIA
Kalku iela 12
Cesis, Cesu novads, LV-4101

The items are the customer’s responsibility until the items reach our warehouse. Please make sure to pack the items safely to prevent any damage to the products. Please use the original packaging and keep receipts and tracking numbers as proof of sending the items back.

5-year warranty

Every leg&go bike or add-on item purchased in 2019 or later has a 5-year warranty! Bikes and add-ons purchased earlier than 2019 have a 2-year warranty. The warranty period has been extended as we have fine-tuned our production technologies, improving several parts of the bike for even greater durability.

Products in the toy and accessories category produced and sold under the leg&go name have a 2-year warranty.

We care about our customers and we want them to have the best quality product. If you have noticed something wrong with your bike, add-on, or toy product, please contact us immediately by downloading and filling out this Warranty Form and emailing it to support@legandgo.com. Our support team will contact you shortly.

During the warranty period, defective parts will be replaced free of charge.

Please note that the warranty is only valid under the condition that the item was used for the intended purpose and in compliance with the Terms of Use.

What is not covered by the warranty?

  1. Damage caused by falls or accidents.
  2. Components susceptible to wear and tear, e.g., bike tires.
  3. Damage caused by improper use, e.g., freestyling, stunts, and any other excessive loading.
  4. Damage caused by a lack of proper or inappropriate maintenance.
  5. Changes made to the original bike or toy structure.

If the items have been bought at our partners’ stores, customers can choose to receive warranty services either at the store or directly from us.

Technical support

Can I add pedals or add-ons to my leg&go Balance Bike?

Yes, leg&go Balance Bike is compatible with all leg&go add-on items (Pedal Bike, Tricycle, Downhill Bike, Rocking Elephant or Polar Bike), no matter how long ago you purchased your leg&go bike. The very first edition of the leg&go bike is also compatible with any of the add-ons.

What is the ideal air pressure in the tyres?

For smooth and easy cruising, it is very important to check the tyre pressure routinely. The optimum air pressure is 1.4 bar.

Can I make the turning angle of my bike wider?

Every leg&go bike has a steering limiter that prevents sharp turning angles.

The limiter can be removed, but the leg&go team does not suggest doing so for safety reasons. The limited steering angle may seem too tiny for an adult, but, in reality, for a kid, it is not tiny at all. The limiter not only helps to control the bike but also protects the rider in a case of a fall, ensuring that the handlebar will not hit the little rider’s stomach.

However, if your child is already an experienced rider and you would like to make the turning angle of the bike wider, the limiter can be easily removed – just pull out the two black rubber parts on both sides of the front fork joint.

Can I use my Tricycle Add-on for transforming the bike into Pedal Bike?

No, Tricycle Add-on and Pedal Bike Add-on are two different products. The gear works differently with each modification – the Tricycle has fixed gear and no brakes, whereas the Pedal Bike has a coaster brake. These differences ensure light and comfortable riding experience with each modification. Also, the Pedal Bike Add-on comes with a bigger rear wheel, making it better suited for taller kids compared to the Tricycle Add-on.

Is the bike weather and water-resistant?

All wooden parts of the bike are treated with a special, kids friendly coating to make it weather and moisture-resistant. You can even ride it during wintertime as a Polar Bike modification!

Although the bike loves rides through puddles and on the beach, remember to take good care of it — do not leave your bike in the rain or snow when the adventure is over. Storing the bike in a dry place will ensure that it serves many years.

How to assemble

Pedal Bike


Download PDF assembly guide in English, German, French or Spanish.



Download PDF assembly guide in English, German, French or Spanish.

Downhill Bike


Download PDF assembly guide in English, German, French or Spanish.

Balance Bike 3in1


Download PDF assembly guide in English, German, French or Spanish.


Bouncy version


Baby version

Rocking Elephant


Download PDF assembly guide in English, German, French or Spanish.