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Chief Designer and Engineer

The idea of each design 
is sparked by a problem. 
With leg&go bike 
I tried to solve the problem 
of overconsumption. 
And the more knowledge you have, 
the easier it is to accomplish your idea.



I try to effect social change 
through user-friendly design – 
to encourage healthy habits 
throughout children’s 
lives and create outward-looking, 
self-confident and creative 
personalities who will appreciate 
sustainable design when 
they are adults.


Head of the test riders team

Creating a bike truly loved 
by children wouldn’t be possible 
without test riders.


Head Production Manager

Every bike undergoes strict quality control, 
because I am obsessed 
with detail. And no bike 
can be made without a
human touch – we love what we do, and that emotion travels further to each kid who gets a leg&go.


Sales and Customer Support

I focus on mutual value 
in every relationship I make.
That’s why I always seek 
long term trust, am flexible, 
and find individual solutions. 
Providing great sales and customer service with a human touch makes my day!


Marketing Project Manager

I hope to inspire children and their parents
 to take the first step 
into new adventures!

Elina Beate

Procurements and Accountancy

I can translate any production process to a spreadsheet. My passion and knowledge of calculations keep things ticking along nicely and efficiently.

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