8 different bikes in 1!
An adaptable wooden bike that grows with your child – from ages 6 months to 6 years. The easily adjustable frame and seat ensures that the bike will always be the right size for your little one.

Moreover, with quick and easy modifications, change it from a Balance Bike into a Pedal Bike, Rocking Elephant or even a Polar Bike. Teach your child to walk, balance and pedal with leg&go in 8 different and fun ways!

Discover the 8 exciting variations one bike can be!

Rocking Elephant
Baby Bike
Bouncy Bike
Balance Bike
Downhill Bike
Pedal Bike
Polar Bike - Coming soon
  • Intelligently designed wooden frame provides excellent natural suspension, absorbs vibration and safeguards spine
  • The perfect thickness of the frame guarantees durability (suitable for kids weighing up to 30 kg)
  • Adjust and modify the bike quickly and easily with no additional tools
  • The bigger front wheel provides more control on bumpy terrain
  • The steering limiter prevents sharp turning angles
  • Change both the height and positioning of the seat, adjusting the distance to the handlebars, depending on your child’s age or bike’s modification
  • Awarded design (Eurobike Winner Award 2015, ISPO Brandnew Finalist 2016/2017)
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A good sense of balance is important for coordinated movements and straight posture. Leg&go is the perfect companion for learning these skills in fun and safe ways. 

By attaching pedals to the Balance Bike, learning how to pedal will be very fast and easy, since your child has already learned how to balance on a bike – all it takes is to develop the pedalling reflex. Have your camera ready for this precious moment! 


Leg&go is made of Baltic birch plywood. Unlike conventional plywood, it is free of voids at its core and its inner layers are thick and solid, making it remarkably long-lasting.

The plywood makes the bike not only durable, but also environment-friendly, since wood is a renewable natural resource. 

Another noteworthy quality of wood is its ability to partially absorb the impact in case of a fall, significantly reducing the severity of potential injury. 


Due to its customisability and adjustability, it not only saves the parents from purchasing 2 to 3 different bikes, but is also sustainable, minimising the impact of overconsumption on the environment.

Leg&go will be the faithful friend of multiple generations of siblings – it has been proven with a test ride around the world, conquering 40 075 km (24 901 mi) in 312 days. A special “wonder machine” was created for the experiment, imitating bumpy roads and a rider weighing 30 kg.

Balance Bike 3 in 1

Balance Bike 3in1 is the foundation for a lasting friendship with leg&go. It is required for transforming the bike into any other modification of leg&go.

Balance Bike 3in1

10 months to 5 years old

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Balance Bike 3in1 supports healthy development of a child by adapting to children’s needs as they keep growing. Quick and easy with no additional tools, just by turning its frame upside-down, it can be assembled in three different ways suiting kids from 10 months to 5 years.

Intelligently designed, the unique wooden frame provides excellent natural suspension, absorbs vibration, and safeguards your child’s spine on any terrain, while the perfect frame thickness guarantees durability.

The bike is very light – only 3.3 kg. 

Upgrade your balance bike

Discover the add-on modifications your Balance Bike 3in1 can be

our story

The inventor of leg&go bike - Egons Garklavs - is a visionary who sees the world as being full of opportunities, and he never sits still.

His 30 years of mechanical engineering experience and love for his grandchildren led him to create the unique leg&go frame. As Egons watched his grandsons playing, he realised how much room for improvement there was in the balance bikes available. Every part of the bike is mindfully designed and made with care. The production process involves a great deal of hand-crafting.

Egons has received the Eurobike Winner Award 2015 in the Urban bike category and ISPO Munich Brandnew Finalist 2016/2017 honours among the best sports business start-ups for its natural wooden design and versatility.


Egons Garklavs

Chief Design Officer

Atis Garklavs

Production Manager

Kristine Zuga

Logistics Manager


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12 Kalku St., Cesis,
LV-4101, Latvia

Phone: +371 27 558 833
E-mail: info@legandgo.com

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